The Club

For over 104 years, the Frankfort Country Club has been a haven for civic and social fellowship, a place where families gather to make memories that last for generations. Located in the state capital of Frankfort, Kentucky, the club has played a role in the social and political life of this vibrant city. 

THE FIRST CLUB (1900-1924)
For a community that had undergone over thirty years of unrest due to the civil war, the dawn of the twentieth century offered the promise of a new era of political, social and economic progress. Frankfort was producing 600 barrels of bourbon a day along with exports like tobacco, hemp, corn and flour. Professional and business service enterprises also flourished in those days. One of the more important companies in Frankfort at that time was the Hoge-Montgomery Shoe company producing 7,200 shoes a day and contributing a half-million dollars annually to the state treasury. The founders of this company along with other city leaders and businessmen began the first Frankfort Country Club. The original club was founded roughly in 1905 and enjoyed golf, tennis, clay shooting and plenty of dancing.

THE SECOND CLUB (1924-1946)
As the club struggled to sustain through World War I, the depression and prohibition; golf started to gain popularity in the 1920's. In an effort to offer a better golfing experience, the club moved from its original location on Holmes Street to the Canty Farm off of HWY 60 between what is now Tierra Linda Drive and interstate 64. This sight had a 9-hole golf course which included cotton seed greens. The club house was a small building consisting of only four rooms and offered minimal amenities. City leaders continued to support the club through the difficult times of World War II.  

THE THIRD CLUB (1946-1973)
Even before the end of the war, Frankfort was beginning to recover from this dismal period. With the lifting of prohibition, the distilleries were once again making their products, and the market for corn and grain was tremendous. The state government was joined by many federal agencies making government work a large portion of employment in Frankfort. The city was becoming urban. Thus, by the end of the war, many returning servicemen and Frankfort citizens were becoming aware of the fact that Frankfort was the only state capital in the country without a "proper country club."  In 1948, the newest version of Frankfort Country Club opened in the what is now called Brighton Park shopping center area and included a beautiful clubhouse and full amenities including a swimming pool, tennis courts and a 9-hole golf course. This era of membership was very active and contributed to many traditions that are still going on today including the Daniel Boone and Capital Classic Invitational golf tournaments. 

In the early 1970's, the club was facing major renovation expenses to its deteriorating clubhouse and an interesting proposition arose from a local entrepreneur. Bill May was developing a new gated residential community called "Two Creeks" with plans on a new club and golf course. Mr. May proposed to the members a "Swap" for a brand new club for their current 40 acres of country club property. The members voted to accept and the deal and opened the newest version of the club in 1973 with a spectacular party and celebration. The club offered the best amenities in Frankfort including a championship golf course designed by Scruggs and Hammond Inc. who also designed Greenbrier CC and Lakeside Golf Course in Lexington. Over the years, the club has expanded to offer four clay and four hard tennis courts and one of the largest pools in Central KY.

Although the town of Frankfort struggled through the difficult times of world wars, depressions and prohibition, the Frankfort Country Club continues to provide the great people of Frankfort a place to enjoy themselves and one another.


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